Energy Sales

Let our children leave a habitable World.

Electricity Energy Users are entitled to use 2400 kWh on an annual basis in accordance with the Electricity Energy Law No. 6446 and the regulation published and they are free to choose their own electricity suppliers. Thus, they can supply their electricity needs from companies that produce clean energy.

These consumers can be anywhere in Turkey and annual electricity consumption values ​​of 5000 kWh per year is sufficient for them to become Free Consumers (provided that all Electric Subscriptions are registered on behalf of the same company or person). Consumers have the right to purchase discounted electricity from electricity producers on the market, which depends on the your usage figures and usage pattern. We would kindly ask you to fill in the attached form and let us know so that you can find out the discounted rates we can apply to you.

Why Bereket Energy ?


As we generate electricty from domestic and renewable energy sources, we are offering cheaper and sustainable energy without being affected by natural gas and exchange rate increases.


Since 1995, Bereket Energy has pioneered the industry and has secured its place in the sector by distributing 10% of Turkey’s electricity with the confidence of 10.000 employees and business partners.


We produce solutions specific to your industry by reducing your energy costs to the minimum with our expert staff.


With 2100 MW installed power, it is one of the leading companies in the sector.


By providing your energy consumption from eco- sources, you protect the future gererations and you will then be eligible to receive the Clean Energy Certificate.

Most Experienced Company

It prepares its own feasibility reports with the experienced staff and designs, builds, installs and operates the power plants.

In the Energy Sector, we disseminated the notion of “We could do it”.

We are the first private energy company to establish Turkey’s hydroelectric power plant on Bereket Creek in 1995.

Domestic and Renewable

We are the largest privately owned company producing electricity from domestic and renewable sources such as hydroelectric, wind, solar, geothermal and land fill gas.

Documents to be prepared

You can contact us for further information

Information and documents to be delivered to us;

  • It is necessary to check that there is no debt from the connected distribution area or from the old supplier if it is a free consumer, in order to avoid problems during the portfolio entry.
  • Compliance with the Regulation on  “Meters Used in Electricity Market ” last published on 22.04.2011 must be checked.
  • Copies of signature circulars or the letter of of authorizations confirming the signatures on the forms and the contract.
  • A copy of identity for personal subscriptions.
  • A copy of the Electricity Bill for the last month for the subscriber (s) to be entered, – Please complete “Portfolio Receipt Information Form” we will send you.
  • Current Demand Form must be filled in completely,
  • You are required to deliver us the Security Deposit Form by marking the security form of your choice together with above forms and documents signed and stamped.
  • The IA02 form prepared by us using the information contained in the “Portfolio Information Form” must be transmitted signed and stamped.


Contract Signing Phase;

  •  Following the delivery of the necessary documents for portfolio entry, we will send you two copies of the contract signed and stamped.
  • As stated in the agreement, following the approval of Letter of Guarantee corresponding to 2 months utility fee or Credit Deposit Account agreement corresponding to 2 months uitlity fee signed with the banks, the copy of your contract will be delivered to you.